The Center organises the following four special  assessment  tests for students of Primary and Secondary School education in order to prevent orthopaedic and other health problems:

1.Gait Analysis

  • Examine for any indications of malformations in the lower extremities such as flat feet, varus or valgus, knees or hips.
  • The examination will be carried out using a dynamic foot scan with the static and dynamic method.

2.Assessment and Evaluation of Posture

Examination for any scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis or other spine abnormalities. The examination will be carried out using a special scoliometer and goniometer.

3.Assessment & Evaluation of Body Composition, Weight and Height

4.Assessment of Physical Fitness

  • Measurement of muscle mass and joint assessment.
  • Measurement of heart rate and oxygen uptake using a digital electronic oxygen meter.