FAQ & Helpful Information if you are considering attending our center.

1  The Journey: It is necessary that a patient can fly to Cyprus. From UK, the flight time is approximately 5 and a half hours. If there is any doubt about this, please check with your doctor.

Medical information: Prior to any treatment, we will assess all patients on arrival but it is very important to provide as much information relating to the patients’ medical condition as possible. i.e. Scan/Xrays, these of course can be bought with the patient at the time, doctors notes and as much relevant information relating to the patient as possible. On this basis, we can then formulate the treatment strategy for our patients.

Caregivers: Patients are welcome to bring a caregiver with them, this can be a friend or family member and they may be able to stay in the same room as the patient if desired. We obviously need to be made aware of these requirements in advance.

Medications: Patients requiring medication must bring their own and ensure they have an adequate supply for the duration of their stay in Cyprus.

5  Payment Terms: we ask that all payment is completed prior to patients concluding their treatment at the center with the payment being divided into three parts. 

  • The first payment is due at the time of booking,
  • The second payment is due upon arrival at the center and
  • The final payment is due on ‘checking out’ of the center.

We accept payment in cash (Euros) or by VISA or similar. If you have any other questions not covered here, please feel free to contact us either by phone or email directly.